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Goals and Objectives:

1. To set and meet high expectations of academic achievement for all students in order to prepare them for a successful high school experience that includes a strong interest for community involvement, and responsible citizenship.

2. To create an optimal environment for learning by meeting the social, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of all learners.

3. To set and meet high standards for the performance of teachers and administrators leading to and evidenced by improved student learning outcomes.

4. To utilize resources effectively, efficiently, and equitably in order to ensure all Thinking Child Academy students acquire access to the tools necessary to succeed.

5. To increase the involvement of all Thinking Child Academy's constituents in our community's education.

6. Introduce all students to the world of technology.

7. Provide a teaching and learning environment where racial, ethnic, and economic stereotypes are eradicated and the diversity of our student body is embraced. 

8. Teach a grade appropriate bible study curriculum that instruct our students valuable life lessons, forgiveness, the power of prayer, and most importantly about our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Kids Holding Diplomas
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